Item No.: S-FLD006W.C-01/S-FLD009W.C-01
Widely used in building lighting, landscape lighting, historical buildings, exterior wall lighting, billboards lighting, green landscape lighting, bars, dance Jin and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.
Strict optical design to achieve precise control of narrow angle light projection. The invisible heat dissipation design is beneficial to heat dissipation without affecting the appearance, and improves the stability of the lamp and the coordination of the environment. The sealing structure of precision, the aging resistance of silicone rubber seal to ensure the product free bidirectional rotation adjustment bracket, with clip fixing bracket can be detachably installed, the application requirements applicable to a variety of angles and various installation conditions, improve the general volume of lamps is small, light weight, conducive to the realization of the invisible light, reduce the influence on the construction of the landscape, enhance the applicability of the products.