Item No.: S-FLA018F.C-01/S-FLA024F.C-02/S-FLA027W.
Widely used in architecture, landscape, bridges, stage lighting and other lighting.
Light weight: through reasonable structure design, relative to similar products, lighter weight. The utility model has the advantages of good heat dissipation, large heat radiation area of the lamp body, and heat dissipation between the power supply and the light source, so as to avoid the adverse effects of each other. The lamp is equipped with a respirator, which ensures the balance of the pressure inside and outside the lamp, and improves the waterproof performance.
Lamps and lanterns can be fitted with different shade and base to provide users with a variety of light and installation methods, improve the applicability of lamps. Product design focuses on details, rotating the angle of the bracket to adjust the logo, so that customers can make precise mediation of products. The design of constant current drive is more in line with the application characteristics of LED, and ensures the stability and reliability of the light source.
High quality waterproof connector and rubber power line ensure the weatherability and safety of the product. The utility model can be used on a single machine and on an Internet, and the display board is conveniently controlled at the back of the lamp body.