Item No.: S-DLA002F.C-01/S-DLA003F.C-01
Widely used in building contour, amusement parks, large billboards, wall, advertising streets, stage bars and other places
The series lighting lamp body can be installed by lifting method, which is an ideal installation method for irregular buildings, and also suitable for installation on the exterior wall surface, so as to achieve an ideal lighting effect. Uses the small power patch LED light source, the color change is rich, the color saturation
High, suitable for outdoor building ornament lighting. Low voltage DC24V power supply, safe and reliable, combined with DMX512 control bus, can display static or dynamic lighting effect. Fully sealed structure, up to IP66 protection level, suitable for outdoor use.
The whole point of the whole linkage, single point control, each lamp is subject to standard DMX512A protocol control. The control system of more than 256 gray level, gray refresh frequency (PWM frequency) is more than 200Hz, the frame refresh rate is greater than or equal to 30Hz. The chip has a temporary function, and when the signal cannot be received, the picture stays at the last frame. The lamps and lanterns have gamma correction function, and the gamma value can adjust according to the effect request through the control system. The gamma correction value is greater than 1, while the 256 stage increases progressively without repeating test values, and may have more gray scale grades from the 1 step ash lifting to the low gray level.